Skla Consulting


My Role
  • UX Designer
  • Brand Designer

Embodying a cohesive corporate identity reflective of its core values: scalability, growth, and personalized client care.

The commitment lies in empowering businesses to unlock their workforce’s full potential through tailored solutions, meticulously tailored to each organization’s distinct requirements. Recognizing the paramount significance of human talent, we collaborate closely with Skla to devise all-encompassing strategies enabling them to attract, nurture, and retain top-tier personnel.


The mix of UX and Branding principles led us to accompany the brand on its journey with users, tailoring the product for different clients by categorizing it and creating a modular brand. This brand adapts, contracts, and expands according to the specific needs of each client, achieving a genuine connection.

Modular System

The primary goal within the brand is to convey the customization and service adaptation that can cater to uniqueness across varying scales. Just like blocks of wood, the services seamlessly arrange themselves on a journey where there is the potential to modify, expand, or contract based on the passage of time or the evolution of the client itself.

The equilibrium between diversity and structure.

The block system enables us to play with a wide range of colors inspired by the joy and strength of the individuals who are part of each process within Skla. The photos draw inspiration from the same spirit found in people across Latin America, and the interplay of blocks provides the dynamism and flexibility that resonates within the brand.